Certain Lending

Certain Lending is a mortgage lending platform that connects borrowers and lenders with a simple application. Think of Kayak for loans. After the application is complete, a list of qualify lenders is presented to choose from.

See it live: certainlending.com´╗┐


Research, Personas, Sketching, Wireframes, Prototypes, UI/UX, Design System




I helped redesign the marketing website as part of the company's rebrand. My role was to go through each stage of the design process, establish a design system, and partner cross-functionally on strategy and implementation.

The project was scoped around three goals:

  • Create a design system to reflect the brand identity
  • Develop a narrative for the website based off of our product positioning 
  • Increase signup conversion rate




I put together an information architecture on all possible primary use cases. Wireframes and concept mockups were created and discussed with stakeholders. After we selected the design strategy, we began to digitalize the designs. 




The research showed the different types of investors who would visit the marketing website and the content they are looking for.

  1.  Interested in investing
    Looking to learn more about the industry and the different types of investment strategies. Researching tools and information that will help them take the first step. Interested in blogs, social media posts, and email subscription.

  2. First-time investor
    Has a property in mind and is ready to apply. Looking for a simple process and an excellent support team. 

  3. Active investor
    Has experience investing in real estate. May have worked with other lendings options. Looking for better rates and more options.


Usability Testing

I tested the product at different stages of the project.

  • Lo-fi prototypes were tested with stakeholders to get feedback on the design, functionality, and interactivity of the product. 
  • Responsive prototypes were built to quickly demonstrate responsiveness and interactivity between multiple variations of a component.  
  • User testing - The team in Seattle regularly used the platform to test new features and suggest possible product improvements.   



Key Takeaways

  1. Tell a compelling story
    It is important to be able to communicate the intention of the design and how it will translate to business goals. The difference in a design decision is often the ability to communicate a captivating and clear story about the design.

  2. Keep it Simple
    There are many designs trends that are attractive and new. We must always remember 'why' we are solving a visual challenge. The main objective is to advocate for the user, understand their problem, and develop a solution for the problem. 

  3. Prioritize
    A strategic plan and roadmap helps deal with out of scope requests that could potentially derail a project. Prioritizing helps deliver high-quality products on time. 


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